Our maintenance-free smooth white or woodgrain composite offers all the strength and convenience of wood with enhanced properties, providing a moisture and damage resistant product suited for the Canadian climate.

Though machined with the same process as traditional wood door frames, solid composite provides twice the holding power of wood. While similar door frames may crack or bow under the intense cycle of the Canadian climate, Precision Door’s composite door frames have proven to stand proud against the test of time.

Doors jambs and accessories





Research shows that in most forced entry situations, door system failure lies within the frame, not the door slab. Our composite frame will not splinter or crack, providing a virtually indestructible product and reducing forced entry concerns.

Precision Door’s premium composite frames — an innovative alternative to traditional wood frame construction.

  • Textured woodgrain or pre-pigmented smooth white frame components are a blend of PVC and wood fiber composite substrate.
  • Solid composite provides twice the holding power of wood.
  • Will not discolour, absorb moisture, splinter, or rot.
  • Textured woodgrain composite components have a realistic rich appearance requiring paint or stain.
  • Jamb can be painted or stained to your requirements.