Steel Doors of Superior Quality

At Precision Doors we are committed to providing you with the finest steel entry doors in the industry. Our doors are manufactured in Canada, combining innovative construction, robust design and superior quality materials. All of our exterior steel doors are made of superior materials to stand up against the elements of our harsh Canadian climate.

Choose Your Look and Function

With so many choices in style, color, and door glass, you can choose a door that drastically transforms the appearance of your entrance. Achieve a vastly different look by changing the color and style of your door. Or add more light to your entry by choosing a door with a glass panel. You can even control light and privacy by opting for etched, stained, or intricate beveled glass with decorative mullions.

Your selection of hardware to go with your new door will give you even more options for a unique look. Get a traditional look with antiqued or bright brass and classic lines. Go more modern with brushed stainless steel and minimalist design.

No matter your personal style, you will increase your curb appeal and protect your home, family, and possessions with security, weather resistance, and quality you can depend on.


The structural integrity of our doors are twice that of a standard door with 30% more steel. Breaking through or damaging these high performance doors is difficult due to their thickness and structural design. Our new generation of steel doors are not just esthetically pleasing, they are built to hold up to whatever life throws at them.

Our exterior steel doors contain 30% more steel and conventional doors.
Precision steel entry doors improve temperature and humidity levels.


Stopping air from coming through the door can go a long way to improving comfort by keeping temperature and humidity levels stable. A weatherstrip surrounds the entire door in an unbroken loop. This seal, inspired by the automotive industry, boosts soundproofing and vastly reduces air infiltration by up to four times compared to a standard door.


Our steel doors are up to two times more resistant to water infiltration than most standard metal doors. Along with its unique airtight seal, the High Performance door system is equipped with a second industry-tried-and-tested weatherstrip. The two seals work together to add an additional layer of protection, withstanding up to 540 Pa of pressure in water infiltration tests.

Steel exterior doors with superior weatherproofing.
Energy efficient steel entry doors made in Canada

Energy Efficient

The high-performance door contains ½-in. more insulating foam and is perfectly suited to the installation of triple glazing made with two low-emissivity films offering significantly better energy efficiency than a standard door.

Our steel entry doors have 30% additional insulation and our Doorglass provides 39% greater thermal resistance.


The anodized aluminum-clad sweep is exceptionally durable and elegant while the edges of the door, covered with rigid PVC, protect its structure from the elements extending its life span considerably.

Our exterior doors have an anodized aluminum clad sweep.